• The Java Sea off the town of Cirebon

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Welcome to this site dedicated to presenting the excavation and study of the cargo of the Cirebon wreck, a merchant ship which sank in the Java Sea at the turn of the first millennium. The Cirebon is currently thought to be one of the oldest wrecks in the area next to those of Belitung (ca. 826) and Intan (second quarter of the 10th century).

The website is under constant development. Its database will be updated as the classification and uploading of the excavation data progresses. The results of the research and analyses currently in progress will also be published here. We appeal to the international scientific community to help us to reconstruct as accurately as possible this exceptional moment in world economic history. It will be essential to compare the cargo data with data provided by the various locations, from China to the Near East, where it was produced and embarked, and with other archaeological discoveries made in Insular South-East Asia, for which it was most certainly destined.


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The photographs were taken by a number of people including Ascan Bandilla, Nick Day, Thierry De Keyzer, Horst Liebner, Peter Ray and Priscilla Telmon, and by Matt, Rob and Iwan. We are extremely grateful to them all.