Project history

Mariemont has been a scientific partner in the excavation of this wreck since 2004. When the operation was over the cargo, the property of the Indonesian government, went into storage in Jakarta, where it remains at present.

An agreement signed in 2009 between Cosmix and the Mariemont Royal Museum allowed all of the excavation data (data, plans, photos and drawings) to be stored in the museum, which was asked by Cosmix to coordinate the scientific study of the cargo. As the cargo consisted of a large number of objects of very varied origin this is an enormous task, , and one for which the museum will have to call upon the competences of many different specialists.

A small selection of samples from different parts of the cargo, brought up under the excavation licence, is now archived at Mariemont: shards of glass and ceramics, fragments of metals and ores and also organic matter.